Do More Than Just Browse

Your website can do more than just be an online brochure. We are able to develop any kind of application for your site, from vehicle trackers, to booking systems we have programmers waiting to help you.
Below is a list of some of the applications we have already developed for clients - but if you have a specific requirement, please don't hesitate to contact us - we relish the challenge!

Additional Web Applications

Vehicle tracker for up to 4 vehicles - £499

This is a simple system that uses a signal from a smart phone to track the position of a vehicle or person and display it on google maps. There is no extra equipment to buy, you simply have to download a free app on the smart phones being used. 

Adding additional vehichles to the above - £84

You web site will be backed up on site and off site on a daily basis, with copies of the back up being retained for 28 days.

Timed Content - £24.99

Timed content is great for allowed certain bits of information to appears at specific dates and times. This is useful for sales, special offers, or changing information depending if the office is open or closed.

Timed Content Updates - £2.99 per update

Once we have installed timed updates you can request that we update these or add further updates on your site, if you would prefer us to update them rather than yourselves.

Store / Premises Locator - £199

This installs a feature where customers can locate their nearest store/branch by using their post postcode. We not only install the application, but also enter all the geographical data for your stores into the database.

Store Locator Updates - £1.99 per store

Updates to the store locator described above, if you would prefer us to update them rather than yourselves.

Event Diary - £49.99

A page that shows a diary of events. Upcoming events can also be shown in the side bar or elsewhere on your website. This is a really useful way to keep you site looking fresh and up to date, and customers / clients fully informed of what your business is doing.

New Events - £1.99 per event

A service to add extra events to the event diary if you would prefer us to update it rather than yourselves.

Timetable - £99

If you have a regular timetable that you follow - perhaps you run self defence classes, this can be a real asset to have on your website. We install the timetable and the initial entries with the set up costs.

Updates to Timetable - £1.99 per update

If your timetable changes it can be quite complicated to change it and we offer this service to complete this job. You are however free to do this yourself.

Membership System with Members only Pages - £199

This provides a set of secure pages that only registered members can view. We can install the system and upload initial members. We will work with you to provide a membership system that works for you.

Membership System - Adding / Removing Members - £2.99 per member

Keeping your tailmembership system  up to date is important

Newsletter System - £49.99

A system that sends out custom emails to subscribers. If you have a mailing list we can also install that and have to sending regular newsletters either stand alone, or every time you update your website.

Newsletter Design - £29.99

Designing templates for your newsletters that are in keeping with your Company's branding

Online Support Desk - prices from £399

An online support desk for your customers and clients, where they can log and support issues they may have so you can respond in a timely and organised manner. You can choose between a managed and unmanaged service. There is also training available for this product.

Online Booking System - prices from £399

A booking system, where you can create bookings for any assets, properties or vehicles you own. You can choose between a managed and unmanaged service. There is also training available for this product.

Instant Online Quote/Estimate System - from £299 depending on number of quote types required.

A page that allows you to provide a quote to customer based on options they have chosen. The final quote can be emailed to them and you, in order for you to follow up.

Online Calculations Page - £149

A single page with simple calculations for the user.

Application Development

£39.99per hour*
  • Applications Designed to Your Requirements
    You say what you want and we will design an application to complete the task.
  • Options to have applications fully managed if required.
    All content is optimised for social media, so if shared on any format it appears as a professional article.

Other Custom Design Work

£39.99per hour*
  • Custom Design Work.
    Any other custom design work that is not included in any management plans.

*requires a specfic application to be installed.

(See our website applications for details)

For items with and hourly rate, you will recieve a quote
before work commences.